Elba - A Stars Without Number Campaign



>Exploration Officer Mira


-How may we be of service, Lt. Mira?

>One of our patrols came across a deep exploration ship drifting outside of Madari. Five unconscious. One dead. Small shipment of drugs and possibly illegal salvage on-board.

-I hope this isn’t why you have contacted us Mira.

>No Sir. Scratch marks along the walls and doors indicate a large animal, but we have yet to find remains of it.

-Interesting. What is the designation of the ship?

>LWSS Elba.

-The dead man you found. Tell us about him.

>The dead man? He was tied to a chair and his eyes were jet black. Looked like he’d been tortured for a long time.



-What have you done with the rest of the crew?

>We put them in cryo pods, awaiting your arrival, Sir. Is… uh… everything alright?

-Are you still docked with the Elba?


-Good. Did you and your crew wear protective hazmat suits when entering the ship?

>No Sir? The scanners on our ship didn’t pick up any hazardous material?

-Sorry Mira…





The Adventure Starts Here...

A short, skinny man with long shaggy hair trapped under a grease stained woolen hat stares at the bullet ridden bulkhead door. He lets out a sigh as his finger examines the depth of the damage, nothing he hasn’t seen before in a deep space vessel. At least the blood had been cleaned out of this one. After wiping his nose on the sleeve of his ragged Rallis jumpsuit he lifts up a deceptively heavy piece of sheet metal and starts to weld it over the damage, occasionally pulling up a large pin hammer to straighten any deformities. The mechanic’s mind wondered over the fate of its former crew, and what dangers the endless void of space had prepared for its new victims…


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